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We are all connection points in the Sacred Geometry of the Universe.

When one of us becomes disconnected, the Geometry changes.

                                           DM Foster

Hands-On Signature Energy Session

My daughter and I feel very blessed to have found Diane Foster. The universe certainly guided us to this amazing energy healer. We first became acquainted with Diane at a 4-part workshop she did at Spirit Tree Connection in Latham, NY, and were struck by how authentic and honest she was as well as an inspirational teacher. My daughter has been on a healing journey from a chronic illness for some time and several of her healthcare providers suggested healing energy. Diane has made a significant impact on her sense of well being in the 3 sessions she has had thus far and helped her respond better to her own energy and the energy around her. I just had my first session a week ago and felt an immediate change in the stress I have been experiencing and have started to employ her suggestions. She has been very generous with her time during the sessions, talking through the results of the session and giving guidance and direction. We would highly recommend Diane to anyone who is considering exploring healing energy.

Patty M., Delanson, NY, March 2017 

Hands-On Signature Energy Session

I wanted to let you know that the work we did last week had one amazing affect. The right side of my neck always feels tight after work. No big surprise since I work on a PC all day...right?? Well, after my session with you the tightness went away completely & hasn't returned even after several stress filled days at work. The absence of the tightness (sadly I have to admit) went unnoticed by me until my Chiropractor said "wow your neck has never moved so easily". At that point it was like a lightening flash...OMG the tightness went away after my session with you.


I am so grateful!                                                                                                  Mick A., Albany NY, October 2016 

Hands-On Signature Energy Session

I had two amazing signature sessions with Master Energy Worker, Diane Foster. After the first session, I found myself feeling so at bliss, and this new wave of spiritual confidence surrounding me. As the days went by, though life was busy, I craved another session. I had my second session one month apart. To my surprise, the second session was even deeper into my spiritual growth. Diane is truly gifted and passionate about helping all living beings. I have been fortunate to meet and experience many healers. Diane Foster has a unique strength, love and commitment. I watch her stand strong and focused for clients. During my sessions, I feel so incredibly cared for. We don’t live in a perfect world, but Diane gives me a feeling, that no matter what, in the end, it all unfolds perfectly. I look forward to learning, and experiencing, her amazing talent again soon.

Rani Gandham, M.D., Albany NY, June 2016

Remote Signature Energy Session


Cowboy [horse] is 24 years old. He is doing fantastic. Since your session with him others have been noticing how well he is doing - folks who have no idea how well he is REALLY doing! He has been much more communicative with me and his leg and foot are much more sound. THANK YOU.

Rebecca W., Hartsville TN, February 2016

Reiki Experience


When Diane first told me she was studying Reiki and getting her certification I ran to the internet because I’ve heard of it but never really understood it. After reading it, I was very intrigued by it and I started asking Diane questions. Anytime we chatted she would update me on her Reiki classes and training experiences with other Reiki students. I remember telling her if she ever needed a guinea pig I’m open to it. I didn’t know that one day I would really be her client.


On July 26, 2014, I was on vacation. Heading back to Mississippi leaving New Orleans I was hit from behind by a 17 year old kid texting and driving. All of my physical injuries were on the right-side of my face (broken nose, 3 orbital fractures around my eye and a deep cut down the middle of my face with a knot on my forehead (right-side of my face numb).  A week later, I was back at work (remote only). Diane reached out to me and asked if I was interested in doing a Reiki session.  I was very interested in trying anything that would help with my healing process. So…we decided to try remote Reiki.


Remote Reiki was my initial energy experience. I must say, I didn’t know what to expect but I did feel lots of tingling going throughout my body with most of the energy focused in my upper body and face.


Within a 2 month period Diane came to my house and I had 2 additional hands-on very intense experiences.  I felt most of the energy on the right side of my face. It was almost as if something was being pulled out of my face from the pressure I was feeling. There was also tingling and different objects running through my head. Several times I felt like Diane had her hands directly on my face adding pressure with her hands (she was never touching me directly).  At one point, I would get an overwhelming feeling as if my body was on fire; during another session I would have chills from being extremely cold and even felt like I was floating in the air. It was always hard to relax as Diane suggested but I wanted to remember every sensation, vivid colors and objects running through my mind. Each experience is hard to explain unless you write them down right after. Unfortunately I didn’t...however, I did share my experience with Diane because it was amazing to be healed by someone’s hands through energy.  


Keep in mind, after each session I did feel drained, tired, sometimes a headache or very dehydrated. From my experience I would suggest that you lie down or just relax. But I’m sure everyone’s experience is different.


Overall, I believe and know that Diane’s sessions helped me heal faster because after each experience I would start to get the feeling back into my face in which the doctor wasn’t sure whether I would ever get total feeling back due to the amount of nerve damage. I am happy to say that I have all the feeling back in my face!


I’m so very grateful and thankful that Diane allowed me to be one of her initial clients. I would recommend Reiki to anyone!

April B., Phoenix AZ, May 2015

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